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Case of meow-staken identity

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  11.12 AM 30 August, 2014

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Solving mysteries is all in a day’s work for the crew at Pakenham Fire Station and for one local resident.

A call was made directly to the Pakenham Fire Station to see if the crew could potentially assist with helping to trace a cat that was believed to be trapped in drains.

The crew responded and with the faint noises of cat calls in the distance they opened all of the drains around the house. Leading Firefighter Ruys and Firefighter Payne then investigated more closely by inspecting the drains from all angles with their bright torches, however still with no sign of the cat.

The resident was asked to call the fire station again if further cat noises were heard. As a result the station was called several times throughout the rest of the day and the Pakenham crew attended twice more, but unfortunately there was still no sign of the illusive cat.

Firefighters were thorough in their investigation, they checked the roof of the house, inside the eaves, under the house and still nothing. Senior Station Officer Ellams advised the resident to try and pinpoint the exact noise next time she heard the cat calls so the brigade could get to the bottom of this call.

The cat calls persisted, with several more noises throughout the night. The next morning the cat calls sounded once more, except this time they were coming from outside near the bathroom window. When the residents went outside to investigate the sound became much louder and clearer now, however they noted that the sound was actually coming from the behind the neighbour’s fence.

Eager to find the cat and ensure it was ok, the residents climbed the fence only to find that the cat calls weren’t in fact coming from a cat at all, but from a… chirpy, trickster cockatoo in his cage dancing around and mimicking their cat who was sitting on the fence close by!

Thanks to both the tenacity of the resident and the local Pakenham Fire Brigade, the case was closed once and for all :-)

Last Updated: 01 September 2014