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Casey/Cardinia Exercise 2013

By: Megan Angel

Category: Training & Recruitment

  10.32 PM 1 December, 2013

Location: District 8 News

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On Sunday 1 December in magnificent sunshine, over 180 members participated in the Casey and Cardinia Groups joint pre summer exercise.

The morning component of the exercise involved crews rotating through eight information sessions focussed on air operations, bushfire investigation, asset protection, water management and branch selection, blacking out, A Class foam usage, big fill traffic management and operation and vehicle typology. There was also an overview of the new CFA Mobile Education Unit and its many uses.

The afternoon session presented crews with a rapidly developing fire scenario with multiple ignition points providing an opportunity to quickly develop a solid incident management base in a “make-tankers” escalation.

The exercise started with a grass fire in McGregor Rd rapidly escalating due to multiple ignitions within the immediate and surrounding areas requiring a progressive escalation to tankers 20, ultralights five and big fills three with Helitak also requested.

This scenario allowed us to test a “hit it hard and hit it fast” approach while simultaneously sending strike team leaders and sector commanders forward on escalation points to establish a solid control base on the fireground.

This approach was consistent with the District 8 pre-summer message and joint group planning discussions and provided what is now a solid platform to take into the season ahead.  

Overall the day was a great opportunity to take away some great learning and skills maintenance as we prepare for the coming season.

Thanks to everyone who participated and particularly to the instructors and coordinators who helped make the day such a success.

Casey DGO Tony Riley & Cardinia DGO Wayne Nutting

Last Updated: 06 December 2013