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Casterton sees the light

  • The lit scene "night into day"
  • Compact but powerful
  • Casterton lighting trailer
  • The unlit scene
  • The tower at maximum height

By: Brian Brady

Category: Vehicles / Equipment / Buildings

  2.49 PM 10 January, 2014

Location: District 4 News, District 17 News

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After three call outs last year that saw RDO 4 call in the SES lighting tower from Hamilton SES, Casterton Brigade saw a need for a local lighting tower to cover District 4 and surrounding Districts bordering it.

Through a successful VESEP application last year the trailer mounted light tower has become a reality. The tower turns night into day at protracted MVA's, structure fires, hayshed fires, hazmat incidents, staging areas / quickfill /meal areas, crime scenes for Police as well as training sessions. The tower is also available for community events.

Once crews have worked under the lights of one of these towers they never want to work in poor lighting again on any fireground. Whilst the stem lights on the Casterton Rescue provide excellent lighting around the Rescue Unit and have previously been used for scene lighting, the tower lights add a whole new dimension and will be used in conjunction with the existing Hamilton SES tower when larger areas need to be illuminated.

The tower is a great asset and will be appreciated by surrounding Brigades when they see what it can do.

Perhaps night cricket in Casterton could be held in the future!

Last Updated: 10 January 2014