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Cat gets kitted up

  • Joel Selwood visited Bendigo to talk to kids about being FireReady
  • Geelong AFL Captain Joel Selwood visited Bendigo to talk to kids about being FireReady

By: CFA Media

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  10.57 AM 19 February, 2014

Location: General

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As Joel Selwood learnt recently, an important part of being FireReady is having an emergency kit so that you are ready to leave quickly, calmly and safely.

The Geelong FC captain encouraged kids at a Bendigo primary school to make sure they had their most precious and meaningful possessions packed and ready to go during summer if they lived in a bushfire risk area.

Joel nominated his favourite cats scarf as an item he would include in his kit because of its sentimental value.

Watch here to see what Joel would pack in his emergency kit.

He encouraged kids to remind mums and dad to keep these things in a handy place:
• Overnight bag with change of clothes and toiletries
• Battery-powered radio, torch and spare batteries
• Medicines and first aid kit
• Important items such as passport, will, insurance papers, and jewellery
• Mobile phone and charger (don’t forget to save the Bushfire Line number - 1800 240 667 - into your mobile)
• Good amount of bottled water
• Wool blankets (to shelter under in an emergency)
• Contact information for family and friends, your doctor, council and power company

He also reminded families not to forget their pets and to have transport carriers ready to go together with spare leads, medicines and food.

Every summer, CFA recommends families to consider moving their irreplaceable family keepsakes and valuables out of the area, and to scan important information and photos and store them on a CD or memory stick.


Last Updated: 19 February 2014