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Cat trapped in security door

By: CFA Media

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  4.55 PM 24 August, 2013

Location: District 10 News

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Members of Traralgon Fire Station were today called to free a curious cat who had managed to get stuck in a metal security door.

Senior Station Officer Gen Ravenhall said the brigade was alerted to the incident at about 1:50pm and found the cat at the back of the suburban house stuck in the owners door.

“It was obviously trying to climb through a gap in the metal to get out of the house, maybe something had spooked it, and it simply got stuck,” he said.

“The neighbours had tried using detergent to free the cat but it didn’t help so we had to cut it out.

“The whole job would have taken about five minutes. The cat was scared witless but was otherwise fine and got out unscathed.”

Mr Ravenhall said it‘s not unusual for animals to get themselves into this sort of trouble.  

“We go to a handful of animal related incidents in Traralgon, maybe as many as 10, every year”, he said.

Last Updated: 24 August 2013