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Cattle truck roll over & rescue

By: Brett Hume

Category: Incidents - Vehicle / Rescue / Hazmat

  8.52 AM 21 March, 2013

Location: District 9 News

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On Tuesday 19 March Loch rescue supported by the Kongwak Brigade responded to a cattle truck rollover with the driver trapped.

A two level cattle truck had rolled hitting the embankment with the driver, although uninjured being 'trapped' in the cabin.

Rescue crews quickly released the driver by cutting/removing the windscreen allowing him to walk away and be examined by ambulance officers.

Crews then spent nearly two hours cutting and removing heavy square and round section steel members and welded panels to enable the release of some 15 cattle still trapped in the lower section of the two level trailer.

Due to the entrappment and stress of the cattle crews needed to be very careful in their actions to ensure that the cattle did not rush from the trailer and possibly cause injury to the crews working inside.

The principle rescue tool was the 200mm 240v cutting disc carried in the Rescue Unit. This provided the cutting capability with limited noise.

By carefully removing sections of the inner doors/partions of the trailer cattle, in small groups were coaxed from the area without further injury.

Approximately 15 cattle were 'rescued' from the lower level. A further 12 cattle died or were put down as a result of their injuries.

Last Updated: 21 March 2013