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Celebrate the silly season safely

By: CFA Media

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  4.14 PM 15 December, 2016

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The festive season is well and truly here and CFA wants to make sure you celebrate without any sparks.

Christmas lights are a favourite for many households, however they can also become a fire risk if not used correctly. 

CFA Chief Officer Steve Warrington said you should inspect all Christmas lights and electrical wires for signs of damage or wear and tear before you put them on your tree.

“Check that all globes are properly fitted and avoid using light sets with missing globes. This will ensure other conductive items cannot get inside the light socket,” he said.

Mr Warrington said people needed to remember that when Christmas lights were left on for an extended period of time they could overheat.

“Make sure you turn off your Christmas lights before going to bed and when leaving your home unattended,” he said.

“Instead of overloading power points or using power boards consider using battery-operated LED lights, which don’t get as hot.

“While the number of fires caused by Christmas lights is quite low there is still the potential for incidents to be severe due to the combustible material these lights are attached to, such as a dried Christmas tree and decorations.

“While purchasing a real tree can add to the Christmas experience it’s important that you not allow it to dry out and become a fire risk. Keep the tree well watered and if it’s a cut tree, sit the cut base in a tub of water.

“Take care with electrical leads and when the tree starts to dry out stop using your Christmas lights.”

CFA also advises that you check that your smoke alarms are working. Christmas trees can catch fire in only seconds and spread quickly to the rest of the house.

Picture courtesy of Kern County Fire Department.


Last Updated: 15 December 2016