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Celebrating new stations and long service

  • David Monague, Valencia Creek Captain and Andrew Ronalds MLC
  • The New Cowwarr Fire Station
  • Andrew Iseppi, Cowwarr Captain and Russell Northe Member for Morwell
  • Scott Langley, Glengarry East Captain and Russell Northe Member for Morwell
  • Dawson and Waite Families plant a tree to celebrate 70 years of the brigade at Glengarry East

By: Emily Haala

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  11.21 AM 24 September, 2014

Location: District 10 News

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The Glengarry East, Cowwarr and Valencia Creek communities came together on Sunday 21 September 2014 to pay tribute to members of their towns' fire brigades and to officially open their new fire stations. 

The opening of the all three stations was a great day for the future of each brigade and region and allowed for recognition of the people who built the brigades into what they are today.

Member for Morwell, Russell Northe, unveiled the memorial plaques for the new stations at Glengarry East and Cowwarr along with Glengarry East Captain Scott Langley and Cowwarr Captain Andrew Iseppi. Member for Eastern Victoria Andrew Ronalds opened the station at Valencia Creek with Captain David Montague.

The new stations allow for improved meeting and training facilities which will enhance and strengthen the brigades' relationship with their communities, as well as lifting the morale in each brigade. They provide improved service to the community and facilities to meet future needs of the region. The stations were funded through CFA’s rural fire station program.

Guests and members celebrated with the presentation of service awards at each event. Glengarry East brigade recognised over 680 years of combined service and 70 years of the brigade, 435 years of combined service for Cowwarr brigade and 285 years of combined service to the community at Valencia Creek brigade. 

A great and significant day for each brigade and the region.

Last Updated: 24 September 2014