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CEO resignation

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  3.54 PM 17 June, 2016

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Lucinda Nolan has resigned as CFA's CEO.

She issued the below statement:

Dear Members,

It has been an honour to serve as your first female CEO, and a privilege to be part of this great organisation – the CFA.

Today I have submitted by resignation to the Minister for Emergency Services and officially finish with the CFA on 17 June 2016.

Since coming to the CFA I have taken every approach possible to protect and serve the community as my utmost priority; and to uphold the foundation on which the organisation is built.

I want to thank the Hon. Jane Garrett and the CFA Board for their significant contribution to the organisation. I also wish to acknowledge and thank the staff and volunteers of the CFA; the Chief Officer, Joe Buffone; and the CFA leadership team for their dedication and commitment.

I would also like to pay specific thanks to the CEO staff: Cheryl, James, Erin and Julie. Their support and camaraderie have been very much appreciated.

I will always reflect on my time with the CFA with an immense sense of pride in the spirit of community embodied by CFA members, and the great lengths each and every individual is willing to go in order to keep Victorians safe.

I wish only the very best for each of you and for the future of the CFA.

Warmest regards,

Last Updated: 17 June 2016