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CEO responds to media reports

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  9.14 PM 12 May, 2014

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CFA CEO Mick Bourke has responded to allegations of inappropriate expenses and staffing levels at integrated brigades.

Mr Bourke said the vast majority of the expenses reported on by the Herald Sun were legitimate.

"However, there may be some expenses incurred that are not considered to meet CFA's or the community's general expectation," he said.

"Today, I have committed to appoint an accounting firm that is not a current or recent service provider to CFA, to review the credit card holders' usage."

Mr Bourke rejected claims by the UFU that stations had been closed due to a lack of staff.

"CFA's stations do not close. At integrated brigades where career staff support volunteer members, we sometimes revert to a volunteer-only response," he said.

To read the CEO's full blog click here.

Last Updated: 12 May 2014