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CFA’s Electronic Rostering System

By: Euan Ferguson

  5.58 PM 29 September, 2014

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Earlier this month CFA announced the rollout of the new electronic rostering system, that utilises the Kronos computer application, at integrated stations from October this year. The deployment of this system is the result of extensive consultation and months of hard work to ensure it meets the needs of our members into the future.  

This is an important initiative and it will be a big step forward for CFA. Last year we were contacted by the Fair Work Ombudsman regarding the late payments of wages to our employees. This followed a number of complaints to the Fair Work Ombudsman about payments that were claimed not to have been paid within a month CFA advised the Ombudsman that we were taking appropriate steps to address the issue, including introducing the electronic rostering system to ensure our staff are paid within a timely manner.

The system also addresses recommendations in the Victorian Auditor-General’s (VAGO) Managing Emergency Services Volunteers report in relation to having a clear picture of our volunteer capacity at any given time.

In addition to meeting the above requirements the system will also reduce paperwork, speed up payment processing and make it easier for senior station staff to manage their stations.

Last Friday, the UFU lodged a dispute in the Fair Work Commission regarding CFA implementing the Kronos rostering system. As part of the dispute application the UFU has applied to FWC for an interim order that CFA cease implementation of the Kronos system. FWC will hear the dispute on Thursday 2 October 2014.

CFA does not accept that this is a valid grievance. We believe we have met our consultation requirements and remain committed to begin training on the system from Friday 3 October at Dandenong and Cranbourne Fire Stations, and we expect to go live on 17 October 2014.

We believe genuine consultation has occurred in relation to every phase of the project, including

  1. Design Phase: CFA corresponded or met with the UFU between November 2011 and May 2014.
  2. Testing & Training Phase:  CFA corresponded or met with the UFU between January 2014 and June 2014.
  3. Implementation Phase:  CFA corresponded or met with the UFU between May 2014 and August 2014.

In total, CFA has met 16 times with the union, and we have demonstrated the system and its functionality on at least 10 occasions.

Throughout the consultation period, CFA carefully considered the feedback and made necessary amendments to the system to suit our members’ needs.

On Thursday last week CFA advised the UFU that we will continue to offer the opportunity for them to provide feedback as we continually review and refine the system. You can read a copy of CFA’s correspondence here or locate it on the intranet at (Intranet > Management & Admin > Salary, Leave & Entitlements > Ops Staff Agreement > Correspondence).

The training on the system will start on October 3 at Dandenong and Cranbourne Fire Stations, and unless an interim order is made by FWC CFA employees are required to participate in the training. This system is dynamic and will continue to undergo review, change and development based on your feedback.

If a significant issue were to arise during the final phase, CFA will take immediate action to resolve the issue and, where appropriate, amend or delay the transition of further locations until a solution was identified.

This is an exciting time for CFA and is set to transform the way in which we are able to roster our people in the dynamic and changing environments. We expect the system will allow us to better manage emergencies into the future and give our members access to accurate and up to date information on skills and availability so we can better manage our staffing needs going forward. 

We will continue to provide you with updates as we begin to deploy the system over coming months.

Last Updated: 10 December 2015