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CFA applauds tech-savvy student

  • Certificate recipient Olivia Kurdas
  • CFA D14 Community Safety Manager David Allen and Olivia Kurdas
  • CFA D14 Community Safety Manager David Allen and Olivia Kurdas
  • CFA volunteers Tony Baldwin, Alan Servern and Antonio Costa
  • Greenvale CFA truck drops in to visit Aitken College
  • The Kurdas family

By: CFA Media

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  5.31 PM 19 May, 2014

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CFA firefighters have praised the efforts of a 12 year-old girl who used the FireReady App to protect her family during the Mickleham/Kilmore fires. 

The tech-savvy student, Olivia Kurdas, was presented with a certificate during her school assembly this morning, for her quick actions on February 9 when she saw a warning flash up on her mum's smart phone. 

“The warning said a fire was zero kilometres away and so I ran to the window and saw cows running away and that’s when I spotted the fire,” Olivia said.

The year 7 student immediately alerted her parents, Mick and Toni, who were getting ready in the bathroom and were unaware of the impending the danger.

“When we looked outside it was like a tsunami of flames coming over the hill towards our house,” Mick said.

“By the time we ran outside to the car the fire was less than 50 metres from our back fence – I didn’t even have time to turn on the sprinkler system,” he said.

CFA District 14 Community Safety Manager David Allen personally presented the Aitken College student with the certificate during her grade assembly. 

“Olivia’s just 12 years old and for someone so young to show initiative and use the FireReady app to protect her family is outstanding,” Mr Allen said.

“She did a fantastic job of alerting her family to a very dangerous fire and her warning gave them enough time to escape their house unharmed,” he said.

Volunteer firefighters from Greenvale also turned out to congratulate not only Olivia, but also to praise her parents who taught their daughter how to use the FireReady app.

“We hope it encourages more Victorians to stay aware of conditions and remember to always be vigilant during the bushfire season,” Mr Allen said.

Six CFA crews arrived just as the Kurdas family were leaving and managed to save their house. 

Last Updated: 20 May 2014