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CFA assists in fighting Northern California fires

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  4.17 PM 18 October, 2017

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Seven CFA firefighters were among a contingent of 33 Victorian emergency management personnel deployed today to assist in managing the devastating fires in Northern California.

CFA members from across the state along with Forest Fire Management Victorian firefighters will carry out a range of field based supervisory roles to support our American counterparts.

The seven firefighters from the South West, North East and South East regions will join Deputy Chief Officer Gavin Freeman, who left for California last week.

CFA Chief Officer Steve Warrington said it was important we support each other and our international colleagues when needed.

“We’re proud to be able to provide support to our American counterparts during these devastating fires,” Mr Warrington said.

“Victoria is no stranger to the terrible effects of bushfires and the destruction they cause. Our thoughts are with those Americans who have lost their properties and most importantly their loved ones.

“We are coming into our own fire season, and I can assure Victorians that our firefighting services are ready and able to provide the highest level of service to the community.

“The skills of our CFA firefighters are internationally recognised and I have no doubt these firefighters will play a vital role in helping to get these wildfires under control.

“I have no doubt that this experience will benefit our firefighters, our fire services and ultimately the communities they serve.

“I’d like to acknowledge the work done at every level to coordinate this initiative and I wish all Australian personnel a safe deployment.

Victorian firefighters will be away for a total of 21 days which includes travel. 

Last Updated: 19 October 2017