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CFA attends 40 grassfires

By: CFA Media

Category: Community Safety, Incidents - Bushfire

  1.57 PM 21 April, 2016

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CFA brigades responded to more than 40 grass and scrub fires across the state yesterday (20 April).

CFA State Duty Officer Tony O'Day said a number of the significant fires on Wednesday were flare-ups from previous private burn offs, in some cases, conducted several days ago.

“If a fire is left unattended in warm and windy conditions, like the conditions we've had this week, it could spread quickly and can burn into bushland or on to neighbours’ properties,” said Mr O'Day.

“Even after burn offs are extinguished, they need to be check and rechecked to ensure they are safe.”

Mr O’Day said residents may take advantage of the long weekend to clean up around their properties and conduct burn offs – but people need to stay mindful of the fire risk.

“We are expecting some cooler temperatures heading into the weekend and more warm weather next week,” he said.

“Any burn offs by landowners this weekend need to be properly extinguished before the weather warms up again next week.

“We need people to take extreme care. The bush and grasslands are still incredibly dry and will burn easily.

“Check your local council’s by-laws before burning off and never leave it unattended.”

Landowners need to register all burn offs with the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) on 1800 668 511.

Last Updated: 21 April 2016