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CFA attends laundry fire in a Mildura hotel

By: CFA Media

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  4.17 PM 27 September, 2016

Location: District 18 News

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CFA firefighters quickly responded to a fire in a hotel laundry this morning (27 September) in Mildura. 

Crews arrived within four minutes of the call at 8am and had the incident within 10 minutes.

Some cotton tea towels had ignited in an industrial dryer and filled the laundry full of smoke.

CFA crews contained the fire to the dryer.

Senior Station Officer Mick Sporton praised crews for their work in containing the fire to minimise damage and ensure no one was injured.

“We evacuated about 30 people before ventilating the hotel,” said Mr Sporton.

The call came in via a land line as the hotel fire alarm was not yet connected to the brigade.

“Had the alarm been connected, the brigade would have arrived much earlier and saved the building from smoke logging and associated risks to patrons and staff,” said Mr Sporton.

Three CFA vehicles from Mildura attended the incident.

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