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CFA awards 477 years of service at Kyneton

  • Aux. President Enid Fielding
  • FF Chris James & FF Jess Cockerill-Wright receiving their award
  • FF Martin Bourke receiving his award
  • FF Zac Beveridge receiving his award
  • 84 guests at the Kyneton Bowling Club for the Dinner
  • DGO Greg McIntyre receiving his award
  • Ex-Captain Laurie Fielding receiving his award
  • All Brigade Award recipients
  • All CFA Long Service Award recipients
  • Laurie and Enid Fielding with a combined CFA service of 115 Years of Service

By: Josh Gamble

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  6.41 PM 26 July, 2015

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Kyneton Fire Brigade recently acknowledged combined service of more than 440 years at their Brigade Dinner and Presentation Night on July 25th at the Kyneton Bowling Club.

Long service awards ranged from 5-year certificates of service to 50 years of service for Enid Fielding and 55 years for Doreen Robbins who have been active members of our Auxiliary. These members have regularly provided much needed nourishment for firefighters on the ground. Along with other members of the fire brigade auxiliary, they continually supplied copious amounts of food and drink for firefighters over the many days of the Black Saturday fires.

A most significant service award was also given to Ex Captain Laurie Fielding who achieved 65 years of service. Laurie is something of an icon at Kyneton Fire Brigade and attends the station for almost all incidents, fires and training.

Laurie first joined Kyneton Fire Brigade in 1949 and has serviced in a range of roles – apparatus office, lieutenant, captain, communications officer, fire fighter and more recently brigade member.  He was heavily involved in Brigade demos in his early years, competing in the first demo at the Kyneton Fire Brigade Track in Beauchamp Street in 1963. He recalls the early days when fire fighters had no radios, no telephones and no vital bottles of water on the trucks. Although there was an emergency pack of cigarettes on the vehicle that was kept stocked. All this of course in the days when the dangers of smoking were not so well known.

Laurie has served under ten captains and been captain himself for two stints totaling nine years as leader of the brigade. Some of the significant fires that Laurie has seen in Kyneton were fires at Collins Newsagency and Stanyer Motors in 1977 and 1978. He has also seen the relocation of the station and refurbishment of vehicles and equipment over the years.

In 1982, Laurie and fellow fire fighter Peter “Dookie” Doyle received the Gold Star Award, a prestigious award presented by the Victorian Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV) that recognizes substantial contribution to that organization over more than 30 years. Both he and his wife Enid, are life members of Kyneton Fire Brigade. Laurie has encouraged other members of his family to be involved with Enid receiving a 50 years’ service award as well.  Within the family, he estimates that there has been a total of more than 170 years of service.

Laurie is still actively involved in the brigade and can be relied upon to provide a coffee or biscuits to those at the station when things are busy. He is also a great barbeque cook.

Kyneton Fire Brigade would like to congratulate all award recipients and encourage others to be part of this great friendly community organisation.  

Brigade Awards presented  on the night

Noel Jenkins Trophy                                FF Martin BOURKE

Dedication to their training and a commitment to respond to the community when in need and participate as a team player in all instances

HR & JT Harper Memorial Trophy            DGO Greg MCINYRE

Dedication and continued exemplary commitment to the Brigade in its goals and service delivery.

M. Donovan Memorial Award                    P/FF Zac BEVERIDGE

Encouragement to a first year member to continue and advance their service to the betterment of the Brigade and the community.

Clarrie Riordan Memorial Award             FF Jess COCKERILL-WRIGHT & FF Chris JAMES

Recognise achievement in competition and the advancement of the team spirit of the Brigade. 

CFA Long Service Awards:

AWARD                             SURNAME                NAME             

65 Year Clasp                    FIELDING                 Lawrence          

55 Year Clasp                    ROBBINS                  Doreen             

50 Year Clasp                    BOURKE                   Dot                   

50 Year Clasp                    FIELDING                 Enid                  

45 Year Clasp                    HENDRIKS                Beth                 

20 Year Clasp                    STRAUCH                 Larina               

20 Year Clasp                    LYNCH                      Bev                  

20 Year Clasp                    WHEELDON             Bernice               

20 Year Clasp                    PEARCE                     Wendy             

15 Year Clasp                    BARKLEM                 Joan     

10 Year Medal                  FERGUSON              Thelma 

10 Year Medal                  DICKINS                   Rohan    

10 Year Medal                  GAMBLE                   Josh  

10 Year Medal                  JAMES                      Les   

5 Year Certificate             TATTI                        Glenis     

5 Year Certificate             JAMES                      Brendan     

5 Year Certificate             REIDY                       Pam         

5 Year Certificate             MCCULLOCH             Shani    

5 Year Certificate             FITZTOY-MOORE       Sara      

5 Year Certificate             TAYLOR                    Rohan    


TOTAL SERVICE (YEARS)                  477.17

TOTAL AWARDS (YEARS)                  440

Last Updated: 27 July 2015