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CFA behind VicPol in blood donating

By: Neville Goddard

Category: Health & Safety, Partnerships

  12.27 PM 29 July, 2014

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The attached extract from the Blood Bank Emergency Services Challenge taken on 29 July 2014 shows that the CFA is way behind Victoria Police in the number of donations given, which corresponds to the number of lives saved.

I was surprised to find that the CFA is so far behind VicPol in the number of donations recorded in the 2014 Blood Bank Emergency Services Challenge. Between us I think we could catch up and maybe go beyond them.

It may be that you already donate but haven't registered as a CFA member so your donations count towards the CFA tally, in which case you can do so next time you donate or register online here. Note that CFA is listed as Country Fire Authority (Vic), not as 'CFA'.

Or maybe you have donated in the past but for one reason or another haven't been donating recently. It's been a hard winter for the Blood Bank with lots of people not being able to get there due to sickness, so the need is great and it would be a good time to get started again to help the folks that need it and get that CFA tally up.

Or maybe you've not donated before. Personally I find it very rewarding and it's a regular blood pressure and haemoglobin check, a bit of 'time out' with the phone switched off spent with people who really appreciate me being there followed by a nice snack. Plus there's the small matter that it saves lives and makes lives better. If you're a bit reluctant you might like to see if you could go along with another member who donates next time they go.

Looking forward to seeing that CFA tally kick up,


Last Updated: 31 July 2014