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CFA committed to a safe environment

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  4.32 PM 17 October, 2017

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As you may be aware, Fairfax is today reporting on the findings of a CFA survey. This relates to an interim report on the results of an internal survey that was carried out among professional, technical and administrative staff in May 2016.

CFA takes the health, wellbeing and welfare of our people seriously. In the last 12 months, CFA management and the Board have made it a priority to improve culture within the organisation, starting from the top down.

We have appointed a dedicated Assistant Chief Officer for Inclusion and Fairness, appointed an integrity officer, significantly improved our complaints  procedures by adding more staff and making it easier to raise issues in a confidential and safe environment.

We have invested in a range of initiatives including the establishment of an Inclusion and Fairness Division within People and Culture, an Inclusion and Fairness Council, and are rolling out an inclusion and fairness education program called ‘A Matter of Respect’ across the state.  
We have a zero tolerance for any inappropriate behaviour within the organisation. Improving culture across our organisation will take time, but it is the role of management to set the tone and direction of our organisation and let me be clear, that direction is that we need to reform and better reflect the communities we protect and modern Victoria. This cultural problem is a legacy of inaction by former CFA management.
Working together is the only way to effectively bring about positive changes to CFA. Seeking to apportion blame or single out any individual or work group is inappropriate.
The overwhelming majority of our people, whether they are career firefighters, administrative staff or volunteers do the right thing and are actively embracing improvements to the culture of our organisation.
CFA management is committed to working constructively with our workforce and various representative bodies and have made significant gains in the last 12 months on a range of fronts.
If you feel any distress as a result of today's media report, CFA has a range of support options available to all staff, volunteers and immediate family. 

Details of these services are below:

Member Assistance Program (MAP): Counselling for personal or CFA-related issues: 1300 795 711
Chaplaincy program: On-site and off-site pastoral care support: 1800 337 068
Organisational Wellbeing Team: 03 9262 8409

Frances Diver

Last Updated: 18 October 2017