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CFA District 2 Ops report

By: Mark Gilmore

Category: Operational Information

  6.35 PM 4 January, 2013

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Report for January 2013 by Operations Manager Mark Gilmore

Remembering Gisborne Lt Peter Harry

It is with a very sad heart that I write of the passing, whilst on duty of 2nd Lt Peter Harry from the Gisborne Fire Brigade. His death occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning the 30th of December, 2012.

  Peter was working on a structure fire in Gisborne at the time. Peter went to the side of the structure during make up to retrieve some equipment. He was discovered a short time after outside the structure unconscious and not breathing. Fire Crews on scene administered First Aid on Peter until MICA Paramedics arrived shortly after. Resuscitation attempts continued on scene for over an hour but sadly he was unable to be revived.

 Our thoughts and support are with Peters Family particularly his wife and 2 daughters. Any direct contact with the family should be through Mark Gilmore please.

 We are also thinking of and supporting the Gisborne fire brigade at this very, very sad time. Any direct contact with the brigade should be through OO Chris Eagle thanks.

 A fire service funeral will be held for Peter at Dixons Field, Robertson St Gisborne at 10:30Hrs Wednesday 9th of January 2013. Dress will be summer short sleeve shirt with Tie and Ribbon Bars not Medals. Headwear to be Fur Ringer Hat or Cap. Could those without uniform carry a Rural Helmet thanks. A guard of Honour will be held at the service and the burial will be after at Gisborne Cemetery. Fellowship will occur after that at the Gisborne Golf Club.

 Peter Gladstone at District 2 Headquarters is handling any donation queries.

 A reminder to all that our CIS peers who have again proven to be invaluable in times of need. They are available through Norm Bowen at any time ring 0447 361 849.


The 2012-13 District 2 Operational Management Plan and 2013 IMT toolbox are now on line at :

X:\20-Preparedness\LodM-Bendigo\D2 EDOMP 12-13 replicated in CFA D2   at   F_ BCS_ 14000 PREPAREDNESS_14060 EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT

Please take your data stick into your “LCF” fire up the computer and download this years info by copying this entire file. Anyone requiring extra data sticks please talk to Chris Raven at D2 HQ.

 Fires and incidents

We have been experiencing one or two 5-50 Ha fires most days throughout the District over the last couple of weeks. Congratulations to you all on the manner in which these many fires have been controlled. Thanks also to all those that did the extra work in conjunction with FLIR flights and Thermal Image Cameras to ensure that edges were well secured in the windy days after.


Fortuna FCV and its Garage were officially handed over by National MP Damien Drum last month.


OO Justin Dally is on Long Service Leave during January and Chris Eagle is acting as the OO at Gisborne.

Welcome to BASO Melissa Dole who has joined the team working in Metcalfe, Maldon, Newstead and Whipstick Groups.

Last Updated: 04 January 2013