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CFA flocks to Sheepvention

  • Heath Bunting with CFAs side-by-side vehicle
  • CFAs simulation table

If you haven’t already, grab a pen and mark 6-8 August in your calendar, as CFA is heading to Sheepvention and it’s an event you will not want to miss.

For the 16th year running the Hamilton Pastoral and Agricultural Society will host Sheepvention, which has proved itself as of Victoria’s biggest and best annual farming events.

The popular agricultural show attracts over 25,000 visitors each year and is sure to have something for everyone to enjoy in this year’s program including a sheep show, woollen fashion parade and of course CFA and DELWP’s interactive stall.

CFA Vegetation Management Officer Heath Bunting said Sheepvention has always been a great opportunity to catch up with local brigades and volunteers throughout the district, from Hamilton to Horsham.

“This year we have concentrated on the government’s Safer Together program, with DELWP coming in and sharing the experience,” he said. 

“We are aiming to engage with the community and share information about planned burning - both on public and private land. We want to show the community how CFA and DELWP work together to achieve outcomes for a safer community.”

Visitors to this year’s joint agency display will not only be greeted by a warming fire but they will also be offered the chance to climb aboard CFA’S Side-by-Side Vehicles and DELWP’s all new G-wagons.

The CFA four wheel all-terrain vehicles allow a driver and passenger to sit side-by-side and are a proactive move towards finding a safer solution for brigades that conduct all important fuel reduction burns.

Visitors will also be able to view first hand demonstrations from CFA’s interactive burn simulation unit, which will bring to life real time scenarios.

The state of the art computer technology projects images onto a sandbox and enables CFA’s Vegetation Management team to personalise demonstrations with local terrain, landmarks and condition examples.

These tailored demonstrations aim to remind visitors about the importance of vegetation management and the benefits of planned burning.

If you’re heading to Sheepvention pop in and say hello to the crews; you’ll be guaranteed to leave with a wealth of knowledge.

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Last Updated: 19 July 2017