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CFA joins Crime Stoppers to reduce arson risk

By: CFA Partnerships and Marketing

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  10.42 AM 20 January, 2017

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Crime Stoppers Victoria is once again calling on Victorians to reduce the risk of bushfire arson this summer with the launch of its 2016-17 reckless and deliberately-lit fires campaign.

The campaign, launched in conjunction with Emergency Management Victoria and with the support of CFA, Victoria Police and DELWP, aims to educate the public about the risk of bushfire arson, including both deliberately lit and recklessly lit fires.

“We really want to emphasise to the public that it’s not only deliberate bushfire arson that causes death and destruction.” said Crime Stoppers Victoria Community Manager Chris Plumridge.

“Activities that can seem harmless at the time, like grinding and welding or having a campfire on a Total Fire Ban day, can cause just as much harm to the community, and are subject to some very heavy penalties,” he said.

Gregg Paterson, Deputy Chief Officer of Training, said Victoria can expect significant grassfire risk this summer as extensive spring growth dries out, creating high fuel loads across the state.

“CFA takes a zero tolerance approach to illegal fires whether they are deliberately lit or recklessly lit, or whether they are on your property or somewhere else.” Gregg said.

“Suspicious fires and hoax calls take hard-working volunteer members away from their families and workplaces and staying alert for risky or suspicious behaviour is another way the community can look after each other."

“We wholeheartedly support our colleagues at Victoria Police and Crime Stoppers in asking the community to be our eyes and ears.”

In addition to television and radio advertising, CFA will be hitting the road with Crime Stoppers to promote the campaign to local news media in bushfire arson-prone locations.

Over 50 per cent of all bushfires in Victoria are arson related, so ensuring the public is educated about the risk of reckless and deliberately-lit fires is critical to minimising the risk of bushfire.

“If you see smoke or flames you should ring 000 immediately. But if you see activity or behaviour that could potentially lead to a bushfire, whether reckless or deliberate, please call Crime Stoppers so we can pass that information on to police,” Mr. Plumridge said.

“Your call is confidential and your information could save lives.”

The campaign roadshow began with the Northern Grampians and Wimmera, and will continue across the state through a further 11 of Victoria’s most arson-prone locations, including the Yarra Ranges, Geelong, and Latrobe Valley.

CFA brigades are encouraged to promote the Bushfire Arson and Reckless Fires campaign throughout their regions. To receive a digital media pack please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Remaining Roadshows include:


Langtree Mall

20/01/2017 – 12pm


Bridge Mall

24/01/2017 – 10am


Hamilton Library,

24/01/2017 – 2pm


Philippine House,   

31/01/2017 – 12pm


The Cube Courtyard,   

01/02/2017 – 2pm


Tarwin Pop Up Park,

07/02/2017 – 12pm


Knox Council  

13/02/2017 – 10am


Lilydale Lake, Lilydale

13/02/2017 – 12pm


Last Updated: 20 January 2017