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CFA Members not immune to salivating iPhone rumours.


  11.00 AM 12 May, 2009

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You are about to feast your eyes on the soon-to-be-released matte version of Apple's highly rumoured next iPhone.


32GB iPhone from Apple

Thanks to dozens of consistent rumours from industry testers and online blogs, the feature list is impressive and could very well tip the scales for people like me who were resisting the iPhone "until such a time" as Apple included these features.

  • 32 GB on board memory (16GB model available)
  • 3.2 Megapixel camera with Autofocus
  • MMS messaging capabilities (FINALLY!)
  • 256MB of RAM (double the current RAM)
  • 600MHz processor (currently 400MHz)
  • Data Tethering (the ability to use your phone as a 3G Wireless Internet Modem for your computer)
  • Also the rumour that there will be a smaller-scale, less feature-rich 8GB model specifically targeted at countries like Asia and India, and people who want a more basic phone but still retaining the Apple brand kitsch we all know and love and want to be a part of.
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It will be interesting to see how CFA Connect looks on these mobile browsers. Is anyone surfing the site with one?
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