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CFA pager replacement update

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  12.24 PM 24 October, 2013

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The exchange of the X3 pagers for the new Alpha Legend pagers is nearly complete, as part of the first phase of the pager replacement program.

This upgrade of the paging network was in agreement with the State Government following a review of pager messaging during the 2009 fires, and because the old Infostream X3 pager is no longer manufactured.

The pager replacement coordinators in each district, along with ESTA staff, have been working hard to exchange as many pagers as possible before the X3 pagers are turned off throughout November 2013. Each district will page their members and advise them when dates are confirmed.

If you are having problems with your pager please contact the EAS Helpdesk on 1800 604 977 for assistance and advice.

If you still have your X3 pager you must arrange to have it changed over for a new Alpha Legend pager. If you do not return your pager you will not get a new one. If you have lost your X3 then you must provide a Statutory Declaration for the lost pager before you get a replacement. If you no longer require a pager then your old pager must still be returned. The district must account for every pager.

You may be aware that there have been some manufacturing defects identified with some pagers, which include:

Cracked pager case

Any pagers that are cracked should be returned and will be replaced. These pagers will also have the redesigned battery case.

Cracked battery covers

All districts have received some spare covers and further stocks will be delivered to each during November 2013. If your battery cover is cracked then it should be replaced.

Faulty holsters

The holsters have been redesigned as it is believed that the holster is the main reason for short battery life - in some cases the holster is keeping the buttons pressed down and draining the battery. If the buttons are pressed down it will also prevent you from receiving messages.

All districts have received spare holsters and further stocks will be delivered during November and December 2013. Contact your district headquarters for a replacement holster. All holster and battery covers that are replaced should be returned to EAS for disposal and recycling.

Short battery life

You should be getting a longer battery life than the X3 pager. If you continue to get a short battery life then it may be faulty and should be returned to the district to be sent away for repair.

The use of the continuous vibrate setting will also reduce the battery life.

As mentioned above the holster appears to be the main problem for short battery life.

Low tone volume

The new pager is equipped with tones that are equal or louder in volume compared to the old X3, but the default tones are in the mid-range of volume and frequency.

Different settings will suit different people − scroll through the tones to find one that works for you and make sure you change all three folders (emergency, non-emergency and administrative).

Investigations are also being conducted in relation to the frequency settings of the tones and also a possible reduction of tone volume and duration when battery life gets low.

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Last Updated: 24 October 2013