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CFA Plan 2012-13 - from Acting CEO Euan Ferguson

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 27 September, 2012

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I’m pleased to share with you the CFA Plan for 2012-13 which you can download and read here.

The plan sets out the major activities that we are undertaking this year to progress our mission of protecting lives and property. The plan builds from the broader Strategic Plan 2011-2014 (the ‘Red Plan’) and sets out our specific focus and commitments for the next year.

This one year plan bridges CFA from our significant efforts since the events of Black Saturday in 2009, as well as responding to subsequent events, inquiries and reports – into the future. The plan also sets the scene for our efforts in progressing the emergency sector ‘All Hazards, All Agencies’ reform.

The CFA Plan 2012-13 sets out those things that we all contribute to across Victoria, from our frontline people and those who support them. We are well underway with this work and I look forward with confidence to its successful delivery.

Our vision and mission remain unchanged. Within this our priority initiatives for 2012-13 advance our organisational goals of:

  • Reducing the incidence and impact of fire and emergencies on the community
  • Providing efficient, effective and interoperable service delivery
  • Working with the community to build readiness and resilience
  • Improving the safety and capability of our people.

Our next CFA Plan will be the first of a three year rolling plan covering the period from 2012/13-2014/15. This plan will replace the ‘Red Plan’ and the CFA Plan 2012-13.

At the online Q&A session on CFA’s priorities we ran at the start of September, there was a clear call for improving our communication and involvement in the development of our priorities.

In developing the CFA Plan 2013-2016 we will be providing opportunities for all CFA members to participate and I am keen to hear your suggestions and ideas on how we best do this. We’ll provide more information on CFA Connect in November when we begin work on the next phase. 

We will also be working closely with our partner Emergency Services sector organisations to ensure and integrated and joined up approach. 

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