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CFA Plan 2014-15

By: Duncan Russell

Category: Planning & Research

  12.06 PM 28 August, 2014

Location: CFA HQ News

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The CFA Plan 2014-15 aims to strike the right balance between driving our own five-year CFA Strategy 2013-18: Towards Resilience and making progress on our role in the emergency management sector reform.

This plan includes key initiatives that advance:

By the end of June 2015 we will have:

  • documented CFA’s service delivery strategy and future capability needs
  • a volunteerism strategy
  • an asset strategy
  • a community resilience framework
  • a common sector approach to community risk management
  • renegotiation of our five enterprise bargaining agreements
  • implemented our 2014-15 capital program, including making a start on state budget commitments for the Respiratory Protection Replacement Project (BA equipment) and the Emergency Services Fleet Upgrade Project.

Creating Our Future Together will have taken a major step forward through:

  • regional consolidation to five regions
  • the statewide service support model
  • reviewing key business processes through the CFA business model
  • focused investment in our people through leadership development.
Last Updated: 28 August 2014