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CFA Plan a must read for all

By: CFA News

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  12.28 PM 14 November, 2016

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CFA has released its Annual Plan for 2016-17 that outlines its priorities for this period.

Executive Director Volunteers and Strategy John Haynes underscored the importance of reading the Plan.

“It responds directly to issues identified by our districts and regions,” said John.

“We are continuing or embarking on a host of initiatives to address these issues. It’s critical that people know how we are responding to these issues as an organisation and the role they will play as individuals and in their teams.”

The Plan contains an infographic that illustrates its key points in quick-reference format.

John wants staff, teams and brigades to print the infographic and stick it on their walls for reference, which enables everyone to help in delivery of the CFA Plan.

For more information from John on the CFA Plan, click on the video below.

Last Updated: 14 November 2016