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CFA Pride on the march again

By: Mark Allan

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  1.04 PM 15 December, 2015

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CFA’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) members are invited to march in uniform for the second time at the annual Gay and Lesbian Pride March on Sunday 31 January 2016.

CFA’s LGBTI members will again join other emergency services as well as their families, friends and supporters to march down St Kilda’s Fitzroy Street as part of the 2016 Gay & Lesbian Midsumma Festival.

CFA Pride Ambassador and gay volunteer firefighter Russell Wright describes the upcoming march as an exciting event for the whole agency.

“Participating in the Pride March shows how diverse CFA actually is, with so many people coming from all walks of life, as well as how far the organisation has come,” said Russell.

“Last year's march saw around 100 CFA members, families and friends participate. This year we hope to boost these numbers and showcase the diversity of the organisation.

“We’ve also had a greater interest from other emergency services to form stronger partnerships with the after march festivities which is great to see,” Russell said.

CFA Pride aims to support and promote a safe and friendly social networking environment for LGBTI members and will be organising more events in 2016. 

For more information about joining CFA in the Gay and Lesbian Pride March on the 31 January or if you want to learn more about CFA Pride activities you can follow us on                          



Last Updated: 23 March 2016