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CFA’s fire safety mail-out

By: Duncan Russell

Category: Community Safety

  8.37 AM 5 December, 2012

Location: General

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This week CFA is sending a postcard to around 146,000 Victorian residents who’ve been identified as living in interface areas that adjoin extreme fire risk areas, as determined by the Victorian Fire Risk Register.

Registered voters on the Victorian Electoral Commission’s role will start receiving the postcards on Thursday 6 December.

The main aim of the postcard is to make sure that people who live on the fringe of high-risk bushfire areas are made aware they are at risk of either bushfire or grassfire.

The postcard sets out a few simple actions that residents can take to reduce their risk, including getting advice from CFA members by visiting Other tips include:

  • talking with family, friends and neighbours about your plans
  • decide when you’ll leave and where you’ll go
  • pack a relocation kit
  • check your Fire Danger Rating every day.

The postcard also reinforces the message in CFA’s summer advertising campaign − Wait and it’s too late. If you’re in two minds, leave early.

The photos, below, show what the postcard looks like.

Last Updated: 05 December 2012