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CFA statement: Incident at Balmoral

By: CFA Media

Category: Community Safety, Training & Recruitment

  11.37 AM 14 December, 2017

Location: CFA HQ News, General

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CFA can confirm a fire that broke out at Balmoral (west of Hamilton) yesterday at approximately 3pm was accidentally caused by a CFA member conducting a fuel flammability demonstration.

It was brought under control in the early evening by ground crews and several aircraft.

There was no significant property damage and no injuries sustained as a result.

CFA has actioned an investigation that will be conducted with the aim of understanding the factors that contributed to the ignition. 

This is in addition to a traditional fire investigation.

Both investigations will commence today.

The investigation team will report back to the Deputy Chief Officer.

Appropriate support will be provided throughout this process for all involved.

Last Updated: 14 December 2017