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CFA steers youth on the road to safety

  • Rob Marston, Jules Syme, Andrew Bennett, Sue Williams, Dan van den Hoek, Tayla Salisbury, Andrew Webber, Erin Smith, Alma Collier, Tom Wilkinson, Margot McIntyre and Jerry Healy at the Teenage Road Information Program (TRIP) night last week. 125692 Pictur

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  4.01 PM 22 August, 2014

Location: District 13 News

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Young drivers received a dire warning from emergency services workers last week – drive safely or face life-changing – or ending – consequences.

The Teenage Road Information Program (TRIP) evening was held on Wednesday 13 August at Heritage Funeral Homes in Woori Yallock to a packed room of teenagers and parents.

Emergency service crews organised the evening which was aimed at delivering a hard-hitting message to teenagers from the people who see road trauma first-hand.

The message behind the program is simple – that one death on the roads is too many and that poor driving decisions can have a ripple effect on many people’s lives.

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Last Updated: 22 August 2014