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CFA steps back in time

From humble beginnings of horse-drawn fire engines and manual water pumps, firefighting has come a long way in 150 years.

Brigades from across CFA’s District 15 will demonstrate this in a showcase of 1800s firefighting gear and techniques taking place at Sovereign Hill later this month.

Sovereign Hill CEO Jeremy Johnson said the display would take place from 18 – 24 November.

“This will be a fun and interactive display where local CFA members will don 1850s firefighting gear to show Victorians just how fires were dealt with in the gold rush era,” he said.

CFA Grampians Acting Regional Director Michael Boatman said the display would not only be a chance to reflect on how far firefighting has evolved over time, but to recognise the commitment of CFA’s members who have worked tirelessly to protect their communities for the past 150 years.

“Keeping in the theme of Fire Action Week, and just ahead of the Fire Danger Period, this will also be a great opportunity for our members to engage in meaningful conversations with community members on how they can keep themselves, their families and homes safe from fire this summer,” he said.

As a thank-you, CFA members are also being offered free entry into Sovereign Hill between 18-24 November, upon presentation of their member ID card. Family members can also receive a 10 per cent discount if they are attending with a CFA member.

You can visit the display each day at 12:30pm at Sovereign Hill in Bradshaw Street, Ballarat.

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Last Updated: 04 November 2013