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CFA strategy 2013-2018 released - Towards resilience

By: Mick Bourke

  11.00 AM 6 September, 2013

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The environment in which we operate presents us with both challenges and opportunities for the future. What is clear is that change is necessary to sustain us as a community-based organisation moving forward.

Government's direction for emergency sector reform and the anticipated establishment of Emergency Management Victoria will drive a new strategic program and a more collaborative approach to emergency management.

The CFA Strategy seeks to move us close to a single EM sector focus on public safety outcomes for Victorians and we will continue to further align with sector strategies as they develop. We are grateful also for the time invested by both volunteer and staff representatives across the state in the workshops and consultation undertaken in the Strategy development.

This five year CFA strategy ‘towards resilience' provides a path for CFA's future. It provides us with direction on where we're headed, what our focus will be, and possibly most importantly, how we'll get there.

The strategy signals a clear shift in how we understand and enact our role at CFA. It will require us to work closely with others and to be outcome focused. It's about sustaining our frontline service delivery while building a new approach to community resilience to fire and emergencies.

The key strategic priorities for our organisation's future are:

1. Our frontline - Effective, efficient and sustainable frontline delivery
2. Community resilience - Shared emergency risk management with the community of Victoria
3. Community risk - Enhanced performance of the built and natural environment
4. Delivery of our services - Improved and flexible delivery of services
5. Our people - Our people are safe, respected, capable engaged and share a common purpose

I encourage you to download the CFA Strategy for more details, and visit the Corporate Strategy and Planning page on the intranet to understand the planning process and access other relevant strategic information.

Together with the CFA leadership team, we're looking forward to working with all members to make this CFA strategy a reality.

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