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CFA Strategy- "Creating Our Future Together"

By: Euan Ferguson

  4.12 PM 24 June, 2011

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CEO Mick Bourke has announced important changes to the CFA strategy and structure. The Board has approved the following vision and mission for CFA...

  • What we are:CFA is a community based fire and emergency services organisation.
  • Vision: Working together with communities to keep Victorians safe from fire and other emergencies.
  • Mission:To protect lives and property.

We are simply making our vision and mission as clear as we can. Mick goes on to advise that we are refocussing CFA to better support our frontline people. This will lead to organisational structure change. Mick says the new structure needs "to be in line with the concept of 'One CFA'."

"It will need to outline clear roles and responsibilities, and support appropriate decision making at the lowest possible level. Ultimately, it needs to align more closely the top of the organisation to CFA’s membership base, to better support our frontline people who are delivering services to the community every day," he says. In the coming weeks, we will be seeking your views on our new approach.

Station Wear

CFA will soon start issuing "station wear" for career firefighters who are on shift. Manager PE, Mark Tarbutt and O/M Barry Foss will be managing the roll-out. The issue of station wear has been in negotiation with the UFU for some years. The intent is to have a uniform ensemble that is more functional, practical and hard wearing than the current uniform (We need to bear in mind that the current uniform is used on station, in general and field duties and as a basis for ceremonial dress). It is desirable that the concept of "station" or "field" wear be extended to CFA’s field and volunteer members. Not only should we all be able to wear practical and hard wearing uniforms, it is important that we have, to the greatest degree possible, commonality in uniform appearance. CFA has started discussions with the VFBV and will start discussions with field staff to develop options for extending the “station wear” concept to all CFA members.

CFA Sunday

CFA Executive Manager of Strategic Communications, Liz Armitage advises that on a Sunday during Bushfire Action Week (probably early November) will be designated as "CFA Sunday". This will be a day where Brigades open their doors to their local communities, display their trucks, talk to locals about their bushfire survival plan. It is planned that CFA will provide resources so Brigades can hold a sausage sizzle. This is a CFA focussed activity; we hope that many CFA Brigades will be able to get behind it. The day can be used for fundraising, recruiting, to build their profile in the community, connect with the community, and help people prepare for the fire season.

Flood Review

Former Police Chief Commissioner Neil Comrie AO APM recently wrote to CFA seeking further responses to his review of the recent major flood events in Victoria. O/M Mike Wassing has been working full time on a CFA submission. Many of you will have been part of the fantastic CFA effort supporting SES during the floods. Some will also have put forward their comments at debriefs and at Mr Comrie’s public meetings. CFA is hopeful that the Comrie Review will reflect many of the matters raised at debriefs.

Joe’s Garden – Arthur’s Creek Fire Station

Recently I attended the opening of a beautiful and serene outdoor garden and rock arrangement alongside the Arthur's Creek Fire Station. Joe Shepherd was a valued CFA member who died on Black Saturday defending his family and his community. The garden is a wonderful tribute to Joe. It is the inspiration and product of many hours of labour by Arthur’s Creek volunteers. I found an uplifting and spiritual connection in the garden. It is a wonderful tribute to one of our own who lost his life in the February 2009 fires. I commend the Brigade, and recommend a visit to you all.

Quote of the week

“When forecasting the outcomes of risky projects, executives all too easily fall victim to what psychologists call “the planning fallacy”. In its grip, managers make decisions based on delusional optimism, rather than on a rational weighting of gains, losses and probabilities. They over estimate benefits and under estimate costs. They spin scenarios of success while overlooking the potential for mistakes and miscalculations.”

-Don Lovello & Daniel Kahnerman

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