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CFA Sunday, an update on TPPs, Fire Danger Rating sign trial

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 14 November, 2011

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2009 Campaign Fires: "Thank you!"
CEO Mick Bourke, Board Chair Kerry Murphy and I have commenced the presentation of 2009 Campaign Fires certificates (one certificate goes to every brigade, group and work teams such as incident management teams) and individual Campaign Pins. A simple way of saying "Thank you".

Medium Helitanker Located At Sealake:
DCO Steve Warrington advises that a Birddog aircraft and a Helitanker are in place at Sea Lake for a period of eight weeks to cover the risks associated with the harvest season in the north west of the state. This is the first time we have allocated aircraft in this part of the State. This is a significant achievement that recognises the specific risks associated with harvesting operations. Thanks go to OM Bill Johnston, OO's Mathew Gardner, Wayne Rigg and Brett Boatman, with the support of Peter Higgins and the State Aircraft Unit team for their drive and tenacity to see this through. The rationale of resource allocation based on risk has the potential to save the State and the Victorian cropping community, particularly in the north west, millions of dollars with the rapid intervention of an aircraft during a fire event. This was a great team effort to get this across the line. Congratulations.

A History Of Bushfire In Australia:
GIS Manager Mark Garvey has sent the link below to an Australian Geographic animation of bushfires in Australia over the last 20 years or so. The animation is by NASA.

CFA Sunday - Sunday 20th November:
More than 400 CFA fire brigades will open their doors to the community this Sunday 20 November. On the CFA website you can check out the location and names of all those CFA brigades who are taking part. This is a great opportunity to promote CFA, acknowledge community members who actively support hat we do, and to build close relationships and mutual understanding in what we do.

Township Protection Plans Update:
Project Manager Paul Harris advises that the TPP Team has successfully exceeded its State Implementation Plan requirement (140 plans) with the delivery of 164 NEW Township Protection Plans now published on the CFA website. These plans are developed by CFA in consultation with local councils and communities for people who are in areas most at risk of bushfire this summer. From late November these TPP's will be posted out to 400,000 people in high risk bushfire areas across Victoria. All new TPPs are 16 pages, focussing on planning then information; public access to all relevant (local) information; community and brigade participation in the planning process; a consistent approach to Township Protection Planning; and a strong emphasis on local action.

Automatic Fire Danger Rating Sign Trial:
In conjunction with the Fire Services Commissioner, CFA will be conducting a field evaluation of automated Fire Danger Rating signs. Two participating companies will each be given seven installation sites. The electronic or automated sign will be remotely activated via satellite or 3G telecommunications (or equivalent) and have a motorised needle movement or light indicator capability. The signs will be solar powered with battery backup. The trial and evaluation will be conducted over the month of December. The intended trial locations are: Western Hwy, Ballan; Princes Hwy, Lara; Calder Hwy/Mallee Hwy intersection, Ouyen; Princes Hwy/Mallacoota Junction, Genoa; Princes Hwy, Moe; Calder Fwy, Gisborne; and Western Hwy, Servicetown; Burwood Hwy, Ferntree Gully; Hume Hwy, Wodonga; Hume Hwy, Kalkallo; Mornington Peninsula Hwy, Rosebud (cnr Jetty Road); Warrandyte; South Warrandyte; and Fitzsimmons Lane, Templestowe.

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