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CFA Sunday in Barnawartha

By: Geoffrey Barter

Category: Community Safety

  10.37 AM 26 November, 2012

Location: District 24 News

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This year's CFA Sunday at Barnawatha saw a three fold increase in community members attending.

Whilst the day started off fairly quietly, the number of community members attending was significantly more than a similar day held at Barnawartha two years ago.

There was never a chance of running out of the copious amount of handouts in a community of this size. The red hats for the kids were a big winner.

Discussion topics included how do I join CFA, is this a place of last resort, how do I approach the owner of the paddocks adjoining our houses, and can you assist with putting in a fire alarm?

The format for our brigade on the day was to engage those community members that visited us and generally see what their interest was. This led to discussions on the use of the siren as a community warning device, where do I go if we have an event in the area and even how do I know if there is a threat.

On behalf of the brigade, I'd like to thank the members that volunteered their time for the day and of course those members of the community that came for a look and a chat.

Given the weather conditions in our area on Sunday, there was certainly an attraction to enjoy our BBQ in the meeting room (air conditioned of course), and catch a bit of the cricket on the TV.

Last Updated: 26 November 2012