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CFA teamwork delivers results for Eildon

  • CFA Crew
  • Engaging with an Eildon resident
  • Engaging with an Eildon resident
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By: Nicki Lund

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  1.45 PM 3 March, 2015

Location: District 12 News

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With a little thought and cooperation between teams, North East Region has effectively used a single event to meet the needs of two significant programs.

The Eildon interface had been identified for Property Advice Visits Service (PAVS) and with a significant fuel reduction burn planned, the opportunity was seen to doorknock residents.

Following consultation with stakeholders, local agencies are planning to conduct a 578ha fuel reduction burn north and west of the Eildon township.

Given the significance of the proposed burn, it was determined, as part of the initial planning, that residents living within the Eildon township would be given advice about the burn and how to prepare their properties for the next fire season.

As a result personnel from across the region were invited to assist Eildon Brigade volunteers to visit 400 homes with the dual objective of conducting the PAVS visit and delivering key information on the proposed burn. In addition, Eildon volunteers promoted the work being undertaken by the brigade.

On Saturday 28 February 2015 the door knock campaign, which is only one part of the public information campaign, was undertaken by volunteers supported by CFA personnel from each of the five districts of the North East Region.

The Eildon doorknock is the first truly regional activity undertaken since the introduction of CFA’s five-region structure last year, and the first to encompass the delivery of two messages at the same time.

Following the visits, Eildon brigade Captain Nicki Lund spoke highly of the day’s activities and the ease with which this diverse group of CFA people delivered a key message to the community and worked seamlessly as a team.

When asked about the doorknock, Operations Manager Rob Van Dorsser said, “This doorknock was an integral part of the communications plan and has delivered the message better than we thought it would. This stage of the overall plan was an important milestone for the overall delivery of this very strategic plan”.

Managers Community Safety, Darren Viney and Tammy Garrett, said, “We are extremely pleased with the team’s achievements and compliment all involved on a job well done”.

It's hoped that the Eildon burn will take place during April and further public interactions are planned to complement the initial doorknock. A public meeting is scheduled for Eildon on Saturday 7 April and articles have been developed for local media outlets. In addition, identified absentee property owners within the burn area have been advised of the proposed burn by mail.

Last Updated: 04 March 2015