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CFA Training Strategy Survey

By: Kate Scales

Category: Training & Recruitment

  3.34 PM 9 January, 2014

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CFA is calling for members to respond to an on-line Training Strategy Survey

CFA’s new Fire and Emergency Management (F&EM) Training Strategy was approved by the CFA Board in June 2013 and released to members in July. Since then, Operational Training and Volunteerism (OT&V) has been working hard to deliver on a range of Strategy actions and developing a baseline for measuring performance against the Strategy.

Executive Director of OT&V, Lex de Man said “This survey is an important step in the next stage of implementation of the training strategy to ensure the future of our training is focused and we have consistent standards for the relevant risks that our members need to train for.”

 “I’m seeking five minutes input from everyone into the next stage of the Fire and Emergency Management Training strategy by completing this survey.” Lex said.  Supported by other data analysis, the Survey results will be used to set a performance baseline and targets against the six agreed Strategy outcomes.

The Survey is available for members to complete online and members may also download and print a paper copy of the Survey from Brigades Online (at The Survey will be open over the summer and until 31 March 2014.

 An initial implementation plan has also been prepared and considers practical timelines for delivery of the Strategy’s 67 actions. To see the Strategy successfully delivered, a significant amount of activity will be conducted over the five year timeline.

 Meanwhile, the program of work is well underway. Current activities include:

  • development of the All Hazards and Bushfire Skills training programs to replace the current Minimum Skills;
  • redesign of the Brigade Operating Skills Profile (BOSP) tool to make it more relevant and user-friendly;
  • development and introduction of a skills map to make it easier to plan volunteer skill development, and;
  • development of consistent Recognition of Prior Learning tools and the implementation of the CFA Leadership Framework which will underpin delivery of many of the actions under the Leadership theme.

 The Training Strategy Implementation Survey is now live and should only take 5 minutes to complete.  Please complete this survey and help CFA measure performance against the Strategy.

Last Updated: 14 January 2014