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CFA wins award for truck safety

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  12.17 PM 11 September, 2015

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A major upgrade of safety systems and equipment to more than 1,000 of CFA’s tanker trucks has won a prestigious safety award.

Last night, CFA Chief Officer Euan Ferguson accepted the Australasian Fleet Management Association (AFMA) 2015 Fleet Safety Award in Sydney.

The award recognises excellence in the management of vehicle fleets and improved safety outcomes.

CFA won the award for its Crew Protection Retrofit Program which enhanced crew protection systems with features including radiant heat curtains, water-spraying systems, heat-shielding panels and upgraded intercom communication systems.

Chief Officer Euan Ferguson said it was an honour to receive the Fleet Safety Award.

“This award is based on hard won lessons learned. We must never forget that the catalyst for this safety system was the tragic loss of five volunteer firefighters from Geelong West, who lost their lives whilst fighting the Linton bushfire in 1998,” he said. 

“Many of today’s safety procedures and engineering designs were developed as part of CFA’s response to this tragedy.  In some ways, this award should be dedicated to those who lost their lives during the Linton fire.

“Winning an award for the safety of our fleet proves the success of the program and is very rewarding for everyone involved, particularly our mechanical officers who worked tirelessly to fit-out all the trucks.

“The safety of our members is our number one priority and the retrofit program was created to better protect our firefighters if trapped in a burnover situation.”

CFA vehicles made prior to 2006 received the enhanced crew protection systems. Vehicles produced after 2006 were already fitted.

Mr Ferguson said all the protective features were tested at the CSIRO.

“This has been a major project for CFA spanning over four years at a cost of $23 million provided by the Victorian State Government,” he said.

“We hope crews never have to use them but at least it’s another safety measure we can take to ensure the safety of our people at the frontline.”

Western Australia fire services are also in the process of using CFA’s state-of-the art designs to fit out crew protection systems to their fleet.


Last Updated: 17 September 2015