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CFA video, Fire Action Week, uniform update

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 24 May, 2012

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Check Out The CFA Video:
At the CFA Core Leadership Conference last week DCO John Haynes launched a video depicting a narrative of the CFA and our history. Guided by DCO John, Livia De Sanctis and Keith Pakenham from the Communities and Communications team have produced a wonderful (and moving) snapshot of images that are important to our history and our culture. You can watch it at: on YouTube at:

Fire Action Week: 18-25 November:
CFA has received advice that the dates for Fire Action Week this year will be: 18-25 November (with CFA Sunday on 25 Nov). CFA Brigades who want to participate should keep this date clear.

Changes To CFA Doctrine Commencing:
A number of important projects are commencing that will result in changes to CFA procedures and doctrine. Some of these changes will affect CFA only. Some are part of a broader multi-agency approach to adopt common doctrine across the emergency services sector. The projects (with the project leader indicated) include:
Local Command and Control (RC Peter O'Keefe): The purpose is to define principles and doctrine for local command and control at brigade and group level.
Reviewing the content of Regional and District Operations Management Plans (RC Graham Armstrong): A review of the content and presentation of these plans.
Mission Command (RC Mike Wassing): Developing a "textbook" on mission command, focussing on its history, intent and application within a fire service. The project will include development of operational "behaviours", principles of operations, a decision making process and be linked to the dynamic risk assessment project.
CFA Fire And Emergency Management "Capstone" documents: This includes developing key fire and emergency management doctrine ("the way things are done around here") documents for CFA. The intent is to develop a small booklet along the lines of the old "Red Book" that is targeted at Brigade and Group level Officers. This will focus on leadership and decision making.
Review of SOP's: This will be an ongoing project that will be done in concert with the multi-agency doctrine project. The intent is that all CFA Standing Orders and SOP's are reviewed to incorporate the principles and philosophies of mission command. The approach will be: simplicity, "principles rather than prescription", mission command, and documents that make "common sense". Secondly, wherever possible, the intent is to have common SOP's within the emergency services sector.
Dynamic Risk Assessment: The intent is, within the mission command framework, to review the "Dynamic Risk Assessment" process to ensure consistency with other agencies. This will also be a key to introducing the mission command philosophy in CFA.

Update On Uniforms And Station Wear:
There are two pieces of work involving uniforms. The first was a review of CFA uniforms (including dress uniforms) that has been conducted with the VFBV and CFA. This review has reached a conclusion for changes to the current uniform, dress jacket and headwear. The second has been the implementation of the Enterprise Agreement with career staff, resulting in station based career staff being issued with nomex station wear. These two pieces of work now need to be joined. The intent is to adopt the station wear (but call it "field wear") across the whole service. A policy is in preparation that defines a single uniform manual for those who are required to wear uniform. The uniform manual is also being updated to include the wearing of station wear / field uniform. CFA has had one meeting with VFBV to start the process of bringing about a single position on uniforms. This will inevitably result in some current uniform items being discontinued. A number of options for funding the phased introduction of field wear and the new uniform policy are being investigated.

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