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CFA vols partner with FFMV in planned burn

  • Working together: CFA volunteers and Forest Fire Management Victoria crews set and monitor the fire at School Road, Crossover, at the 9ha planned burn on Thursday, April 20.
  • Neerim South Captain Brian Barwick, CFA volunteers and FFMV crew monitor the burn interface between public land and private property on Thursday, April 20.
  • A discarded pile of firewood that posed an undue risk to the community was also burnt at the planned burn on April 20.
  • Having burnt along the ridgeline, CFA Captain Brian Barwick ignites the next section near Gunn Road, Crossover.
  • A volunteer performs an asset protection wet-down at the Crossover Regional Park on Thursday, April 20.

By: Danika DENT

Category: Community Safety, Partnerships

  3.30 PM 28 April, 2017

Location: District 9 News

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CFA volunteers assisted Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMV) with a planned burn in Crossover on Thursday 20 April.

The successful nine-hectare planned burn has shown how well fire and land management agencies can work together under the ‘Safer Together’ program.

Property owners in Crossover identified a part of the Crossover Regional Park as high bushfire risk a few years ago.

In consultation with FFMV and Parks Victoria, the nominated parcel of land was placed into FFMV’s planned burn program.

After months of planning, which included identifying environmental and biodiversity values, the nine hectare burn was approved and ignited at 12pm on 20 April, 2017.

CFA Commander David Chugg said CFA’s involvement was sought due to the risk to private properties in the area.

“Baw Baw Group of brigades were approached to assist in the burn as some of the heavily forested area was on private land, there were also a number of homes along School and Gunn Road in Crossover very near to the planned burn,” Mr Chugg said.

Four tankers and about 18 firefighters from CFA’s District 9 attended, including Neerim South, Nilma North, Drouin West and Noojee, along with volunteers from Warragul.

“Our firefighters helped to contain the fire to the area identified in the burn plan,” Mr Chugg said.

“Volunteers also used the experience to build on their skills and benefited from working in a team with other agencies on the day.

“The process has shown how well fire and land management agencies can work together to make safer, more resilient communities.”

FFMV and CFA continued to monitor the site following the burn.

Last Updated: 28 April 2017