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CFA welcomes Worksafe review

By: CFA Media

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  3.59 PM 23 November, 2012

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CFA has welcomed an internal Worksafe investigation into the safety authority's examination of occupational health and safety systems at CFA Training College - Fiskville.

CFA understands Worksafe has received a request under section 131 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 2004 to review decisions not to prosecute CFA.

CFA has not seen the complaint.

CFA CEO Mick Bourke said the review would not amount to a new examination of work practices and systems at Fiskville.

“CFA understands this is not a new investigation into workplace safety at Fiskville, rather a review of Worksafe’s own decisions. Worksafe has visited Fiskville several times and even provided a letter confirming the site is safe for staff, trainees and visitors,” Mr Bourke said.

Mr Bourke also reiterated media reports CFA is committed to Fiskville long into the future.

He said the construction of a new MFB training facility at Craigieburn would free up training capacity for CFA personnel and other emergency services at Fiskville.

Mr Bourke said while small numbers of CFA personnel could use the new facility; it would not replace Fiskville, and CFA’s six Regional Training Colleges at Bangholme, Longernanong, Penshurst, Sale, Wangaratta and Huntly, used by around 30 thousand active firefighters every year.

“CFA’s network of training facilities across the state provides our members with access to vital training and skills maintenance that a single Melbourne facility could never provide,” he said.

“Along with a planned seventh facility for Mildura, these training colleges are essential to building and maintaining Victoria’s volunteer and career firefighting capability.”

“Fiskville is safe and will remain CFA’s primary training facility for many, many years to come.”

Last Updated: 23 November 2012