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CFA Wins AFAC/Motorola Award

  • (R to L): Mark Sullivan; Michael Bourne; Mick Bourke, Bernie Marshall; David Spokes; and Justin Bree.
  • CFA Knowledge Strategy
  • 2014 AFAC Motorola Knowledge and Innovation Award

By: Bernie Marshall

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  2.25 PM 16 October, 2014

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CFA has been awarded joint agency winner of the 2014 AFAC Motorola Knowledge and Innovation Award.

The Award, presented at the AFAC conference in Wellington, New Zealand, recognises individuals and AFAC member agencies for their significant contribution to develop and implement knowledge management initiatives.

In 2013, CFA’s Knowledge Strategy was developed and endorsed by the Executive Leadership Team. The Strategy outlines how we can best use knowledge, including our insights, experiences, data and information, to improve the decisions we make, enhance our performance and while also achieving outcomes for the Victorian community.

The first year of the three-year strategy introduced pilot testing with members of a knowledge maturity self-assessment tool. As part of this process, members came together to discuss where their business unit’s measured against six knowledge criteria, including: evidence-driven decision making; culture; knowledge sharing; knowledge transfer; processes and procedures; and, innovation. Members were also asked to rank their business unit’s maturity, and to identify local actions.

Other key achievements of the strategy have also included the development and endorsement of a Knowledge and Innovation Policy, as well as associated procedures, a review of strategic directions conducted on completion of the first year of implementation appointment, a thought piece on innovation in emergency services, and appointment of a CFA Project Manager for Innovation.

The Review of Strategic Directions and Innovation in Emergency Services is informing current activities for the Strategy. These activities include a proposal to establish a Knowledge and Innovation Forum (KIF) to identify and assess good ideas from CFA members. The KIF will be supported by use of a common ideas template, standard assessment criteria, and networking tools.

CFA members come from diverse backgrounds and offer a wealth of knowledge, insights, experiences and ideas. While engaged with CFA, whether in direct operational, managerial or support roles, CFA members gain new skills, which benefits them personally and contributes to CFA’s overall growth and development.

Organisations which seek to capture, store, share and transfer knowledge, with an eye for continuous improvement and innovation along the way, are proven to create comparative advantage and help shape a positive work culture and environment. Understanding the value of knowledge and using information strategically can improve CFA processes and, importantly, help to drive change.

For a copy of the CFA Knowledge Strategy or for further information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pictured attached receiving the Award is Mick Bourke, CEO with members of the Knowledge Strategy Steering Committee and Project Team (R to L): Mark Sullivan; Michael Bourne; Mick Bourke, Bernie Marshall; David Spokes; and Justin Bree.

Last Updated: 16 October 2014