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Challenge 2018 celebrates 25 years of leadership

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  1.00 PM 8 February, 2018

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Celebrating 25 years of leadership and teamwork, participants of Challenge 2018 recently graduated after 12 days of rigorous physical activity, networking and education. 

Time in the classroom was time well spent, but a different type of challenge began when participants spent seven days in and around the Snowy River white water rafting, caving, hiking and abseiling. Limited to the bare necessities of life, the group slept rough and carried what they could on their backs. The absence of mobile phones presented many participants with a new understanding of what it’s like to lose touch with the outside world.

With a focus on resilience and strengthening its people, over the past 25 years CFA has provided opportunities to participate in the Challenge program, allowing individuals to gain vital leadership skills and to prioritise their personal development. CFA’s values are instilled in the program and participants are encouraged to set goals and discover their own guiding principles and how to put these into practice.

Uulani Miller, a volunteer from Gruyere Fire Brigade in District 13 said taking part in the program was an inspiration. “Our facilitator showed us how to embrace who we are and how to be confident. She wanted to test our agility and have a deeper understanding of different types of people, learning how to respond in different situations so we become strong and compassionate leaders,” Said Uulani.

Hamilton Fire Brigade volunteer, Liam Kavanagh, said, “It was an honour and a privilege to attend challenge 2018. We were pushed to our limits both physically and mentally but the program was life changing. I learned a lot about myself and my limitations and I was amazed at my own strength as I was able to see just how far I could go.”

Presented with a Certificate of Recognition at the graduation ceremony, Liam recognised the tools and communication skills he’d developed.

“We entered Challenge 2018 as a group of strangers and departed as a team. Through our determination and the support we received, I will hold my head high and be proud of the work I do with CFA now and in the future. Just you wait.” 

Last Updated: 08 February 2018