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Champs, exercises and the principles of foresight and communication...

By: Euan Ferguson

  11.00 AM 1 February, 2011

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2011 State Championships:
The first of our State Championships will take place at the end of February.

This is a great opportunity for CFA staff, volunteers and their families to come along and see competing colleagues at the Champs as well as the many exhibits at the "CFA on Display" marquee. Some of these will include the Bushfires Program, Community Safety, GIS Mapping, Emergency Memberlink, and CFA Merchandise to name a few. The dates are:
• Urban Juniors at Tatura: 26 & 27 February
• Urban Seniors at Bendigo: 12,13 & 14 March
• Rurals Juniors and Seniors at Werribee Park: 9, 10 April
I encourage attendance at these championships, so please come along and enjoy the activities. See what programs CFA offers to our members and the community, share the excitement of the competitions, catch up with old CFA friends and make new ones.

Report on Pre Season Level 3 Exercises:

During December DSE, MFB and DSE participated in a series of eight exercises designed to practice Level 3 Incident Management Teams. A group of consultants "Redsocks Consulting P/L" were used as an independent observer and adviser. Many things went well in the exercises. Key areas that were recommended for creating short term incident management improvements include:
• Emphasising the central role of leadership
• The further promotion of "information operations" as well as "fireground operations"
• The need for intelligence led operations wherever possible
• Improved information flows, situational awareness and IMT management
• Supporting the Planning Section to actually plan
• Improving ICC functionality
• Improving Common Operating Pictures across the IMT
• Better management of IMT meetings
• Improved management of VIP's and media.

Foresight and Communication:

 Further, it is worthy to reinforce two key principles of command and control that are consistent with these observations. The first principle is FORESIGHT: Foresight is the ability to observe what is happening around you now, and to project that forward into scenarios that may occur into the future. Through foresight we are able to anticipate and plan for the future. We are able to seek, obtain and place resources so that we are better able to deal with a situation in the future. An important factor in foresight is to consider the WORST CASE SCENARIO. The second principle is COMMUNICATION: Communication is about the flow of information. It is about sorting the important information into usable information (or intelligence). Information should support the concept of decision making occurring at the lowest appropriate level in the organisation, but also support the flow of information up to the highest level in the organisation. To quote the "Red Book": "Information is the breath of life to operations". If you don't get your information flow right, you will be behind in the game. If you are behind in the game you won't get a chance to exercise leadership.

The Quote: 

 Quotations from significant people are a great way of stimulating thought, inspiring creativity and remembering role models. Each week, as we share my thoughts via this blog, I will also share a quote.

"Leadership is the art of achieving more than the science of management says is possible."

Gen. Colin Powell.



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