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Changes to CFA’s Executive Leadership Team

By: Michael Wootten

  5.04 PM 20 March, 2015

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As I said in my recent blog on my next steps as CEO, changing CFA’s structure has been a big undertaking. We’ve seen the creation of five regions, the establishment of the Assistant Chief Officer positions, and a new model for delivering support to the frontline.

As a new CEO, I am making some changes to CFA’s Executive Leadership Team. I understand that there has been a lot of change for CFA but I feel these changes are important.

Since stepping into the role, I have been reviewing the structure of our ELT and I have decided that, as a service delivery organisation, our strategy must inform our structure. To achieve this I will be bringing together certain teams and functions under different directorates.

Under the changes, Operational Training & Volunteerism (OT&V) and People & Culture (P&C) will come together, the Research arm of Communities & Communications (C&C) will move into Performance & Strategy (P&S), the Community Program team of C&C will move into Fire & Emergency Management. C&C will take on Executive Services functions, and the Finance arm of Business Services will move into Performance & Strategy.

Combining OT&V with P&C is about establishing one point of accountability for all CFA people-related activities. This realignment will combine our efforts to improve the way we attract, retain and develop our people, both volunteer and career. CFA is a volunteer based fire and emergency service, and we must stay focused on our mission to protect lives and property.  Based on your feedback, I am aware that there are opportunities to improve our delivery of operational training, and this will be a key deliverable for the new People & Volunteerism Directorate.

Bringing Finance into P&S will strengthen and reinforce the link between budget, planning and strategy. Putting Community Program Development and Service Delivery in the same team is about ensuring program development and delivery is 100 per cent aligned.  

These changes will be taking place over the coming weeks and months, and I will continue to update you along the way.


Michael Wootten


Last Updated: 10 December 2015