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Chief and CEO join the conversation on change

By: CFA News

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  1.57 PM 6 October, 2014

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CFA entered a new era on Thursday 2 October 2014 with the official transition from eight to five regions.

To mark the transition, Chief Officer Euan Ferguson joined Acting Chief Executive Officer Michael Wootten to brief Fire and Emergency Management staff via a live stream event from Fiskville.

The Chief welcomed the five Assistant Chief Officers (ACOs) – Bob Barry, Garry Cook, Mike Wassing, Trevor Owen, Peter O’Keefe - who assumed control and accountability in their regions. He also acknowledged the service and commitment of the former Regional Directors.

The Chief outlined the case for change, acknowledged some uncertainty in the field, and re-affirmed CFA’s focus remains on the upcoming fire season.

“We are expecting another very busy summer period ahead, and our first priority is making sure we are ready to respond and work together to achieve our mission – protecting lives and property,” the Chief said.

“I am fortunate to lead such a highly capable and committed team of people. I am seeking your ongoing support and patience and asking the whole team to remain focussed on the main thing.”

Last Updated: 07 October 2014