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Chief and DCOs test their burn over skills

By: Steve Warrington

Category: Health & Safety, Vehicles / Equipment / Buildings

  1.40 PM 24 November, 2016

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CFA crews were involved in 34 burn overs between 2009 and 2014.

Due to the speed of the fire, crews often have only a short period of time to become aware of the threat and prepare their tanker.   

Protecting our firefighting crews is of utmost importance to CFA, and therefore it is critical that all our members know what to do if a burn over happens to them.

We’ve undertaken a large body of research into each of these recent burn overs, and have now produced a new video which you can access online or view on YouTube.

The video explains the CFA tanker crew protection systems, which are designed to protect crews by maintaining the integrity of the cabin, particularly the windows, and reducing temperatures inside the cabin. It also shows footage from real burn over scenarios, demonstrating the conditions you will face during a burn over scenario.

Already this summer we’ve had a crew involved in a burn over at Swan Hill, so I encourage all of you to watch this video and learn more about how to stay safe.

I’d also like to see everyone physically get their trucks out and conduct a burn over drill before summer. To set an example, the DCOs joined me earlier this week to hold our own drill and show you all how it’s done!


Every firefighter, from the Chief to the recruit, needs to watch our new video and participate in a burn over drill, so that we all come home safely this summer.

Thanks all.  

Last Updated: 24 November 2016