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Children's drawings thank fireys

By: Leith Hillard

Category: Youth & Juniors

  10.10 AM 14 March, 2014

Location: General

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Children from years one, two and three at primary school in Corowa have drawn pictures and sent letters of thanks to firefighters in both CFA and the Rural Fire Service (RFS).

The children got busy after some students raised their concerns at school about parents going away on strike teams.

Those worries were certainly felt by the Kuschert children in Corowa, New South Wales (just across the Murray River from Wahgunyah). Father David went off at short notice with his volunteer RFS crew to the Mickleham-Kilmore fire and was away for five days. 

“He got the call and he was gone,” says mum Jacqui, the secretary/treasurer of Corowa headquarters RFS brigade. “Our daughter in Year Three was devastated and the school dealt with it really well. Teachers got the classes talking about emergencies and firefighters and she came good after the conversations.”

The children poured their hearts into their artwork, dedicated to members of both the RFS and CFA. It was an excited group of children who then presented their work to an RFS firefighter in uniform.

“They got to ask him about fires and trucks and were thrilled to see their drawings go to the right place,” continues Jacqui.

Thanks to Jacqui for making sure CFA firefighters didn’t miss out on the tribute. Please see the gallery for some of the artwork she forwarded.


Last Updated: 14 March 2014