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Christmas celebrations at District 2

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  10.58 AM 8 February, 2017

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On 16 December 16 District 2 celebrated Christmas in style with a delicious lunch hosted by the District Support Team.

Weeks of planning went into the event which brought together members of different departments from across the District including the firefighters on shift.

Roast lunch was served followed by a large array of desserts, many of them home-cooked, and there was just enough to go around after a very great turnout.

One of the highlights from the day was definitely the games which saw quite a few participants covered in icing sugar following the snow ball toss.

The aim of the game was to throw snow balls (marshmallows) to your team mate who then had to try and catch them in their mouth.

Needless to say there were more than a few laughs.

In true Christmas spirit the event was held for a very important reason, to help those less fortunate.

A call was put out on December 1 for donations for the inaugural District 2 Toy and Food Appeal.

Staff were encouraged to bring in either a toy or some non-perishable food which could be passed along to the Salvation Army.

By the time the Christmas party rolled around we had two large boxes full of toys, some didn’t even fit in, and a box full of food.

The presents sat under the Christmas Tree for the duration of the party to show the great effort the team had put in.

A very grateful representative from the Salvation Army arrived later in the day to pick up the donations so they could be passed along to families in need.

A huge thank you goes out to all those who donated as well as those who came along to the party.

A great day was had by all and it was a brilliant opportunity to spread some Christmas joy.

Last Updated: 23 March 2017