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Christmas Hills joins forces

By: Robyn Adams

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  11.56 AM 3 December, 2013

Location: District 14 News

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Christmas Hills Brigade and Landcare joined forces for CFA Sunday.

CFA Sunday at Christmas Hills was held on December 1 and it had a slight twist.

Over the past few years the brigade has been disappointed with community participation in CFA Sunday, Fire Ready Victoria meetings and Bushfire Planning Workshops, while Landcare wanted to reach a wider audience to explain their purpose and activities.

So together, Christmas Hills Landcare and Christmas Hills Fire Brigade tried a different format. The brigade and Landcare organised an afternoon information session aimed at adult residents and invited Owen Gooding from CFA’s Vegetation Management team to speak about 'Living with Bushfire in Christmas Hills'.

Owen set the scene, speaking about how houses catch fire, and how residents can create defendable space to prevent a bushfire from becoming a housefire. He went on to explain CFA’s booklet and website on “Landscaping for Bushfire’ (see

Brigade Captain Di Simmons then gave a brief outline of who the brigade is and what we do. Landcare showed a video on the animals caught on the camera traps they have been using in the area, and the evening ended up with a shared meal of fabulous assorted homemade curries.

Overall, we had about 60 people attend, which was a great result with a lot of new faces. It was also great to have both an informative and enjoyable event.

Last Updated: 03 December 2013